A Day in the Studio

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Today was a studio day for me to work on my own prints. The pro shop was in full swing when I arrived. Nathi, Thandi, Cromwell and Pontsho were all busy with different projects.

Thandi and Cromwell printing background for Cromwell’s linocut
Bokang trimming prints

I found a table corner to work on the plates I started during the workshop and settled down to scrape and burnish.

There was a mellow vibe around the studio. The students start a new session next week, so the place was relatively quiet. I took a few minutes to take photos of the spaces I’m coming to know so well.

The pro-shop in action
Outside the pro-shop where we’ve been aquatinting

View into the teaching studio
A wall in the gallery

Kids are kids everywhere (on their phones)

At the end of the day, Kim and I packed up four beautiful, degreased copper plates to take to William Kentridge. He’s going to do some coffee lift drawing on them. So exciting!

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